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Darold is amazing He has kept me running pain free with 5 simple treatments. No more runners knee
Rafael S
Wish I knew about Darold sooner I am a stone mason and have been dealing with consistent back pain in my upper mid-back. I had recently started seeing a chiropractor and to be honest haven't been really impressed with the results over the several weeks I went. A friend of mine referred me to Darold and assured me that this would be it for me. Well, my first visit with Darold sold me immediately. I walked out of there feeling great and in one visit have noticed the difference of before I went in. My posture has changed. The pain has really subsided and I feel so much better. Darold is extremely professional and was very helpful in sharing ways I could maintenance myself to further recovery. You can bet I'll be going again to see Darold to further my health and recovery. Highly highly recommend him to anyone of any age!
Matthew R
Darold Knows What He's Doing I went to Darold a few times to help with back and leg pain. He did something magical the first time I saw him because when I left I felt no pain for a week - it was a wonderful feeling. The follow up visits continued to alleviate much of my pain. He showed me there was hope for living pain free. Thank you Darold!
Basia M
Amazing Darold was able to relieve five years of chronic back pain in just a few sessions. I was not a believer when I first heard about structural integration. However, I I am now a believer. I would suggest anyone that before you consider any modern approaches to please consider structural integration.
david m
An amazing process! At my annual physical recently my doctor told me I am his only 61 year old patient who had actually grown an inch instead of shrinking an inch. Obviously I have not grown but I am standing up straighter and taller thanks to Structural Integration.
Nancy A
MS Client Thank you Darold for all of your help in making me feel better. A treatment from you is the best money I ever spend. I will be in to see you soon. I have been @ Johns Hopkins for more infusions. Your treatment is so beneficial in helping my walking & my hip & back. I love better it involves no medicines or drugs. Thank you again & have a joyous Christmas Season! Nancy
Karen A
Very knowledgeable body worker The Structural Integration series is a very thorough and well thought out plan to realign the body through intensive fascia work. Extremely beneficial in relieving holding patterns that can create chronic pain and limit range of motion. Darold is a very knowledgeable practitioner who maintains a very professional, yet down to earth feel to his sessions. When traditional Massage Therapy can be limited in its effectiveness, Structural Integration brings a much longer range of relief and change.
Amy S
I feel like a new person after my sessions! Darold works out all my kinks and tightness. He truly cares about my wellness and how he can help to decrease aches & pains and increase flexibility & mobility!
Mike M
Great! Great work Darold. thank you!
Michael M
Terrific, long-lasting results In two sessions, Darold worked to successfully relieve my plantar fasciitis, a problem I had been dealing with, and trying to remedy on my own, for more than a year. He then turned to easing persistent knee pain in two subsequent sessions. With his help I've been able to run more often and with less aggravating pain. I had never before experienced any deep massage treatment or muscle manipulation - and I can't recommend Darold's techniques and philosophy more highly.