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Darold Starliper, Jr. brings a wide array of experience to his practice with an extensive background in health and education.  Specializing in Structural Integration, he applies his unique experiences in kinesiology, tai chi, and yoga to his practice.  Darold received his B.S. in Kinesiology from The Pennsylvania State University and went on to teach for seven years in the public school system.  His ongoing studies of tai chi and yoga have helped him develop a sensitivity to touch and a natural attunement to identifying irregularities in musculature and myofascia.  It is this unique blend of knowledge, technique, and sensitivity that distinguishes his approach to health.

Liberty Place
313 W. Liberty St, suite 263
Lancaster, PA  17603

Current Clients:  If you would like to receive text notifications for new openings, email your name and mobile number to the address listed below and you will be added to the notification list.

New Clients
   -- Classes:  open to all new students
   -- Structural Integration:  Email your contact information, including mobile number, to be notified during open enrollment periods for structural integration.  Include a detailed description of activities/fitness/ symptoms/injury/goals as well as the name of the person referring you.

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  • Structural Integration $135
    Structural Integration addresses the body's fascial network, the fibrous connective tissue that holds the body together and gives shape.  Recipients will experience increased mobility, ease of movement, reduction of pain, and improved posture.
  • Dynamic Integration $10
    A unique movement concept, developed by Darold Starliper, Jr., intended to bridge the gap from structural integration table to the moving body at home, work and play.  Students are guided through specific strength building and stretching movements intended to build awareness, suppleness, strength and flexibility.
  • Tai Chi / Qigong $10
    Intended for health purposes only.  Students practice Tai Chi Form 24 and participate in a variety of Qigong exercises intended to improve awareness of movement, posture and tension.  Increased coordination, agility and overall health are the results of continued practice.
    *** Weather permitting (no rain & 60+ deg), the morning class will be held on the west lawn of Liberty Place, facing the F&M stadium, between the two dogwood trees.***
  • Qigong Meditation Free
    Meditation is an intentional practice of focusing attention and clearing the mind.  Much like we train our muscles to lift more, jump higher or run faster, we can also train the mind to focus clearly, concentrate intently and remain on-task longer.  Held at the end of the day, at no cost to the participants, this class is intended for all to gather and 'power down' from the work day, refocus the mind and calm the body.



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313 W Liberty St, suite 263, Lancaster, PA, 17603


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